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Thank You

A big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has contacted us regarding the Buried in Fingal website. Positive feedback is always welcome, but so are comments about issues people are having and queries. A list will be compiled which will be brought to the attention of the Fingal County Council Archives, Burial Grounds Section, and/or the website maintenance company. Here is some general information which should iron out a few of the most common queries so far.

Answers to FAQs
  1. Fingal is responsible for 36 graveyards, but there are only records for 33. The other 3 were transferred into our care without any records, and we simply ‘maintain’ them, grass cutting etc. Fingal Archives only had access to the burial records for the burial grounds for which the Council is responsible. There are lots of other cemeteries and graveyards in Fingal, e.g. the graveyard in St. Ita’s, Portrane, the two graveyards in Swords, but as they are not in our care, we cannot digitize their records. A list of the burial grounds for which we hold records is on a drop-down menu on the Buried in Fingal website.
  2. There isn’t a layout drawing for every burial ground. If a drawing exists, it’s on the website.
  3. Most of our burial grounds records were transferred to Dublin County Council prior to the splitting of that county into three administrative councils, Fingal, South Dublin, and Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown in 1993. They were transferred from a variety of sources, churches and parishes, private caretakers, and other local authorities such as the Dublin Board of Public Health and Dublin Corporation. The level of literacy and accuracy in the original records varies widely over the 100+ years covered by these records, as does the physical condition of the registers, so there are going to be errors and gaps. Because of the poor condition of the burial registers, or the lack of space for entries, it will not always be possible to correct errors in the original books; it will be done where possible. Where text corrections are made to the original burial registers, these will NOT appear on the website immediately, as this would involve re-scanning the burial register every time a correction is made. If the hardcopy burial register cannot be amended, we are looking at a method of recording the correction on the Search Result. In the case of an error in the original book, please click on the E-MAIL A CORRECTION button below. Reports of unrecorded burials will be forwarded to the Burials Section.
  4. Fingal Archives is responsible for the digitized copies of the registers. An outside contractor was hired to read the scans of the hand-written registers, and type the entries into a database which was then linked to the original page. The level of accuracy in the database is extremely high, but with details of 65,000 people recorded, there will be a few errors. If the transcribed record is not the same as the original hand-written entry, please click on The E-Mail A Correction Button Below Or If There Is An Omission Please Click On The E-Mail An Omission Button below and it will get it corrected.
  5. The scanning of registers was completed around 2012 for most registers, which is when the indexing process started. We hope to eventually add the records from the last 5 years, but wanted to leave a gap out of respect for people who buried loved ones recently.

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